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USH Enclosures Online is a sophisticated Shower Enclosure designing and glass sizing program that takes your field measurements and converts them to glass sizes, shop drawings, hardware list, job cost and customer proposal. The program has years of built-in technical know how that will help prevent you from making costly mistakes and errors. USH Enclosures Online is designed to accommodate most any enclosure type and can be custom tailored to your preferences.

This program eliminates the weakest link in your ability to compete and increase your shower door business. The biggest roadblock for any heavy glass shower enclosure business is the time it takes to manually work through an enclosure design, compute the glass sizes, gaps, hardware selection and associated template locations and still, when all is said and done, there is a question of accuracy, revisions and costly reworks.

To increase sales, companies must add to their estimating staff, which requires long training curves before error free calculations can be depended on. Even with the added staff simple limitations of how many enclosures a person can reliably calculate a day, and the time delay before the sales person can get back to the customer with a quote continues to be a significant retardant to increased sales and professional installations.

Benefits of Using USH Enclosures Online

  • Online access means availability to the program anytime, anywhere... from the office, shop or field. The sophisticated CAD processing takes place on our web servers therefore almost any Windows based PC running Windows 2000 or newer with an internet connection can be used for access.
  • Accurately calculates correct glass sizes and all hardware locations, cut-outs and gaps. Issues warnings about possible problems with the shower design.
  • Builds a library of your most common showers, which you can use to start a new job by copying from the most similar design in the library.

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